LIFE FORCE ENERGY INSTITUTE was founded by Kathleen Lowson, a Spiritual Intuit and Healer.  She has been practicing for two decades using her spiritual gifts, intuition and insight to help clients heal and transition through life's challenges.

Kathleen’s powerful work has assisted clients in healing immutable disease in the body and freeing their soul, helping them transcend above limitation of body and mind to their higher destiny.  Her healing work with animals has saved many from euthanasia and prolonged their life.

Kathleen practices Reiki, the ancient Japanese method of transmitting Qi/Ki energy (Life Force) by the hands into the body.  She also practices Pranic and QiGong, using a method of working with Source to clear limiting core beliefs held in the mind.  Her spiritual insight helps her to tune into the problem intuitively and guide her clients at the soul level.  Her spiritual messages from Source help her clients understand the root of the soul cause that prevents wellness and healing their life.

Kathleen’s intuitive healing therapy and spiritual alignment utilizes the dynamics of universal law through the use of intuition, inner guidance, and spiritual connectivity to Source.

“The Life Force sustains us and connects us to the sacred,

facilitating our becoming of being in the world...

It is the pure, vibrant energy of spirit within us and within all things.”

Founder/Director, Life Force Energy Institute



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